Learn easy same pronunciation but different spelling list

words with same pronunciation but different spelling list
words with same pronunciation but different spelling list

words with same pronunciation but different spelling list

Air   gas

Heir    a person having the legal right to receive someone's property, money, etc., after his death

Ere   before

Airy  open to the air

Eyrie  a nest built high up among rocks by a bird of prey

Aisle   a passage between rows of seats in a church, theatre, train etc.

Isle  an island

Ail  to cause problems

Ale  a type of beer

Aloud  in a voice that other people can hear

Allowed   let someone/something do

Altar  a holy table in a church or temple

Alter  to change

Analyst v a person who analyses

Annalist  a person who writes annals

Antic    odd

Antique   ancient

Arc   part of a circle or a curved line

Arch   a curved structure that supports the weight of something above it

Ark   a large boat which Noah built

Area  part of a place, town, etc.

Aria  a song for one voice

Ascent  climbing up

Assent  agreement, to agree

Ash  the grey or black powder 

Ass  a donkey; a stupid person

Bail  surety

Bale  a large amount of a light material pressed tightly together

Bait  food put on a hook to catch fish etc. 

Best  money on a race or an event by trying to predict the result

Baron  a lord

Barren  infertile, not producing fruit or seed

Barter   to exchange goods etc., for other good

Butter  a soft yellow food made from cream of milk

Beach   the shore of the sea

Beech  a tall forest tree

Berth  a place to sleep on a ship or train 

Birth  the process of being born

Born  given birth to

Borne  carried (past participle of bear)

Bourn  boundary, limit

Bare  uncovered

Bear  a heavy wild animal (noun), accept or deal with (verb)

Beer   an alcoholic drink

Bier  a frame on which the dead body is carried at a funeral

Beef  meat that comes from a cow 

Biff  hit someone hard with one's fist

Boarder   a person who pays money to live in a room in someone else's house

Border  boundary, line

Braid  a plait of hair

Bread  a type of food made from flour

Brayed   past tense of bray'

Bore  past tense of 'bear' (v.), a person who is very boring or annoying (n.)

Boar  a wild pig

Bridal  connected with a bride or a wedding

Bridle  set of leather bands attached to reins

Burro  a small donkey

Burrow  to make a hole in the ground by digging (v.) a hole in the ground made by animals (n.)

Borough   a town or part of a city that has its own local government

Borrow   to take and use something that belongs to another and return it to them at a later time

Canon   a Christian priest; a generally accepted rule 

Cannon   an old type of large heavy gun

Canvas   a strong rough heavy material used for making tents, sails, etc.

Canvass   to solicit votes

Carat   a unit for measuring the weight of gold 

Carrot    a long pointed orange root vegetable 

Cession   the act of giving up land or rights

Session   a period of time spent doing a particular activity

Cast   throw

Caste   social status by birth

Cite   to mention or quote

Sight   a view that one sees, act of seeing

Site    a place where a building is to be located

Carriage   a separate section of train for carrying passengers

Courage   bravery

Complement   to add something to make more attractive 

Compliment   a remark that expresses praise or admiration of someone 

Coarse    rough, vulgar

Course   a series of lessons or lectures on a particular subject

Cord   strong thick string or thin rope

Chord   two or more notes played together

Council   an assembly

Counsel   a barrister; advice

Corps   a military force

Corpse  dead body

Dairy   a place on a farm where milk is kept

Diary   a book with is space for each day of the year to write down things to do in the future

Die   to stop living

Dye   To change color

Dance   a series of movements and steps that are performed to music 

Dunce   a person who is stupid or slow to learn 

Deep   having a large distance from the to the bottom 

Dip   to put something quickly into a liquid and take it out again 

Defy   to refuse to obey or show respect 

Deify   to treat or worship as a deity

Descent   and action of coming or going down 

Dissent   to differ 

Degrease   to remove grease or oil

Degrees   units for measuring angles

Desert   a large area of land that has very little water and very few plants

Dessert   sweet food is eaten at the end of a meal

Deviser   One who invents something new or a new way of doing something 

Divisor   a number by which another number is divided 

Diverse   very different from each other and of various kinds

Divers   of many different kinds

Don   a teacher at a university, Oxford or Cambridge; to put clothes, etc. on

Dawn   the time of day when light first appears 

Draft   a rough written version of something that is not yet in its final form 

Draught   a flow of cool air in a room or other confined space

Dew   small drops of water that form on the ground 

Due   caused by or because of someone/something

Ear   the organs that one hears with

Year   a period of 12 months 

Fair   beautiful

Fare ➡ the money we pay to travel by bus, plane etc. 

Fain ➡ willingly or with pleasure

Fen ➡ an area of low flat land

Feign ➡ pretend

Feat ➡ an action or a piece of work that needs skill, strength or courage

Feet➡ pl. of 'foot'

Fit ➡ a sudden attack of illness (noun); healthy and strong (adj.); to be the right shape or size for someone or something (verb)

Feast ➡ a large or special meal for a lot of people to celebrate something

Fist ➡ a hand when it is tightly closed with the fingers bent into the palm 

Flew ➡ past tense of 'fly'

Flue ➡ a chimney or part of a chimney

Flu ➡ influenza

Flea ➡ a small jumping insect

Flee ➡ to leave a place very quickly

Fool ➡ idiot, a person who lacks intelligence 

Full ➡ with no empty space

Fore ➡ to become important and noticed by people

Four ➡ number 4

Forte ➡ a thing that someone does particularly well

Fort ➡  a building for defence

Flour ➡ a fine white or brown powder made from grain

Floor ➡ the surface of a room that we walk on 

Fowl ➡ a bird that is kept for its meat and egg

Foul ➡ dirty and smelling bad, very unpleasant

Fourteen ➡ number 14

Fortean ➡ involving or relating to things that cannot be explained by science

Frays ➡ from verb 'fray'

Phrase ➡ a group of words

Gilt ➡ a thin layer of gold used on a surface for decoration

Guilt  ➡ the fact that someone has done something wrong

Great  very large; extremely good in ability or quality

Grate  ➡  metal frame for holding the wood or coal in a fireplace

Greet  ➡ to welcome someone

Grit  ➡  very small pieces of sand or stone, courage and determination to do something 

Gait  ➡ a way of walking

Gate  ➡ a barrier like a door outside a building

Greed  ➡ a strong desire for more of something

Grid  ➡ a pattern of squares on a map

Gild  ➡ to make something look bright as if covered with gold

Guild  ➡ an organization of people who do the same job or who have the same interests or aims

Got  ➡ past tense of 'get'

Gout  ➡ a disease

Hail  ➡ to describe someone/something as being very good

Hell  ➡ a place believed to be the home of devils

Heal  ➡ to make something heat they again

Heel  ➡ part of foot

Hill  ➡ an area of land higher than the land around it but not high as mountain

Him  ➡ a pronoun

Hymn  ➡ a song of praise of God

Hue  ➡  a colour

Hew  ➡ to cut something large with a tool

Hoard  ➡ a hidden store 

Horde  ➡ a large crowd of people

Ill ➡ sick, suffering from a disease

Eel ➡ a long thin seafish

Itch  ➡ an uncomfortable feeling on one's skin

Each  ➡ everyone

Keel  ➡ a long piece of wood or steel

Kill ➡ to make someone die 

Keen eager or enthusiastic

Kin ➡ one's family or relatives

Knit ➡ to make clothes from wool or cotton thread 

Neat ➡ tidy and in order

Knead ➡ to press and stretch dough, wet clay with one's hands

Need ➡ require

Lane ➡ a narrow road

Lain ➡ past participle of the verb lie

Lair ➡ a place where a wild animal sleeps or hides 

Layer ➡ a quantity or thickness of something that lies over a surface or between surfaces 

Lead ➡ guide

Lid ➡ a cover over a container

Leak ➡ to allow liquid or gas to get in or out through a small hole

Lick ➡ to move one's tongue over the surface of something in order to eat it

Leap ➡ to jump high or a long way

Lip ➡ either of the two soft edges at the opening to the mouth

Leave ➡ to go away from a person or a place 

Live ➡ to have one's home in a place

Litre ➡ a unit for measuring volume of some liquid

Litter ➡ small pieces of rubbish or garbage 

Load ➡ something carried

Lode ➡ a line of ore

Loan ➡ money that someone lends and the other borrows

Lone ➡ without any other people or things

Lose ➡ not find

Loose ➡ not fixed/tied

Made ➡ past tense of 'make'

Maid ➡ a female servant in a house or hotel

Mail ➡ the official system used for sending and delivering letters

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